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Pines Clinical Research (PCR) is a clinical research site in Pembroke Pines, FL. PCR was established in 1999 by Steven Zeig, MD. He has been Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology since. Dr. Robert Levinson is also Board Certified in Internal Medicine/Nephrology. They are assisted by, MD, and 4 experienced Clinical Research Coordinators. PCR has been involved in over 200 studies in many different medical areas. We value our patient volunteers! Volunteers in research studies at PCR are compensated for their time and travel which varies by study. Plus, there is no cost to participate.

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What are Clinical Research Studies?
Clinical research studies are always being conducted to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new medications not yet available to the public or changes to medications that haven’t been approved. It takes many years for a drug to be approved for use. Drug studies adhere to strict regulatory guidelines set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Patient enrollment is completely voluntary and is free of charge to all research participants. Without volunteers, no new drugs would become available.

What can I expect when enrolling in a Clinical Research Study?
Your participation begins after a review of your medical history by the coordinator and complete medical evaluation by a research physician. You will receive a comprehensive physical exam, close medical monitoring, laboratory and diagnostic evaluations, at NO cost to you. You will receive full disclosure of the risks and benefits involved. You will have the opportunity to review clinical drug study information and ask questions before you sign the consent form for the research study. During the study, you will be scheduled for regular clinic follow-up visits and meet with a research physician who will monitor and evaluate your progress. You will not be expected to continue in the study if you experience any adverse side effects. Remember, your participation in a clinical research study is completely voluntary. You will be paid at the end of your participation for your time and travel.

Why do people enroll in a Clinical Research Study?
People volunteer to participate in research studies for a variety of reasons. Many people are interested in receiving the latest medications before they are available to the public. Others consider participation in a study a possible option to their current treatment, which may not be sufficiently effective. Finally, others volunteer to improve medications for future generations.

What about my regular doctor?
We encourage you to speak to your doctor about your interest in participating in a clinical research study. Our clinical research staff will be happy to consult with your doctor if you wish. It is NOT the intent of PCR to replace your doctors, but to work with them to enhance all your healthcare options. At your request, your records can either be shared with your doctor or remain confidential.
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601 N. Flamingo Rd., Suite #104
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

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